So, what does it mean?

I, Josie, started this company when I was a wee babe. Ok, only 18, but still. I fancied woodland creatures and Wes Anderson films. Specifically, Fantastic Mr. Fox. I loved everything about it. The story, the character development, how unique it was. But more than anything, I loved the intention with which Mr. Anderson placed every single thing in the movie. His process isn’t about being perfect, but it’s about getting as close as possible. He weaves the absurd into the ordinary, life and color into the mundane. Every moment had meaning, every creative decision holds importance. And that’s exactly the kind of experience I wanted to give my clients. When Alex came on as my business partner (and husband!), that desire for intention just grew. We want to be exactly enough for you.



The Sappy One

In another life, I think I could have been a great elementary school teacher because I’m super patient, great at giving instructions, and ALWAYS have snacks on me. I’m the person on the other end of the computer when you email us, and the voice of our social media. I’m also the sap. When I’m shooting your wedding, I get teary multiple times throughout the day. Not for the moment that’s happening in front of me, but for the one 20 years from now when you’re looking at the images I made of it.


About Alex

The Details Guy

I know this is supposed to be about me, telling you all about me, but what I really want to tell you about myself is how great Josie is. I love this life we’ve built and getting to work alongside her every weekend is just the best job I could have ever dreamt up. The way she loves me and this work has made me a better person and photographer. And the way I love her is by charging the batteries, backing up all the files, and watering our house plants. It’s all about the details, people.


One more thing

…we are annoyingly in love. Like, we’re sorry ahead of time. But also not sorry at all. We love being together and never get sick of each other. We have built a life to support that. For example: we live in a studio apartment where the only door that could ever separate us is the bathroom (I mean, that’s a good thing for sure.) Codependent much?

But our love is kinda exactly what makes us so good at what we do. We fully believe that our relationship pours over into our images.

Our own wedding experience does too. We eloped at the last minute and only have a few crappy iPhone images of our day. While they mean everything to us, we cannot tell you how much we wish we could have the kinds of photos we are able to provide our clients. We know how valuable they are so we work so hard to make sure you’re getting exactly what you paid for and more.