Photos that get you right in the feels.

Your wedding day goes by in the bat of a heavily-glued fake eyelash. We wanna give you photos that bring you right back to those feelings. We’re a husband and wife team based in Orlando, Florida but we’re also super good at packing light so we can photograph weddings around the world.

We like to keep things profesh, while also making sure you and your boo are having one heck of a good time.

If you need someone that will direct family photos like nobody's business and capture all of those ~intimate moments~ without being all up in your grill, then we’re your people. We’re quick to adapt to any circumstance, whether there’s an impromptu rainstorm, meaning indoor photos only or when mom bursts into tears Kim K style. We got you.


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Chelsea & Julien


Jake & Kendra


Micayla & Greyson


"I want to print every single picture that they took, I love them so much."

Chelsea and Julien


"Choosing Fox & Film
will be a decision you can always look back on and be proud of."

Zayda and Collin