Orlando Wedding Session at Lake Louisa State Park | Sarah + Conan

Back in May, we had a chance to shoot with Sarah & Conan, one of the sweetest couples we know! Both were so trusting and willing to try anything we suggested, so of course we ventured through the terrain of Lake Louisa State Park. Clients who aren’t frequent visitors of the Clermont area are filled with wonder at the fact that Florida actually has hills and pretty forests! Lake Louisa can be kind of a “hit and miss” with picturesque spots, and the best time to see it is when the sun is a bit lower in the sky since the majority of the land is a wide open space. You have to do a small bit of driving to find the prettier forests, but it’s worth the search. Anyways, more about the Kellehers!

Sarah and Conan got married in February, but you’d think they’ve been married for much longer. They fit like puzzle pieces and are already so comfortable and perfect for each other. They’re both super relaxed people, so our session went off without a hitch. When Sarah first contacted us, she said she really wanted more intimate photographs of them, since their wedding photographer directed them to smile at the camera most of the time. I was so pleased to know that she truly appreciated our style of work, and I knew we could create something really special since she trusted us so much!

After we figured out the location, I was trying to figure out some ways to really draw both of them out and create a truly intimate atmosphere. I asked her if she and Conan would mind reading little love notes to each other, and they were both super excited to do it! So about halfway through the session, we stopped at this quiet little patch of overgrown woods. I took a few steps back, played some music near them to set the tone, and watched quietly as they spoke to each other. The sweetest tears streamed down their faces while they read their notes, and I even found myself getting teary-eyed! Love is grand, and it runs so deep in our hearts that I still can’t truly fathom it sometimes. But I am so grateful that couples allow us to see their connection up close like this.