Alexandria I.

“Alex and Josie felt like the best friends you haven’t seen in a while. They were so warm and funny and relaxing! For most people it’s just the most awkward thing being in front of a camera on one of the biggest days of your life but they made it feel so natural! They really brought out our personalities and we couldn’t have been more elated when we got our photos back! We booked Fox and Film for both our engagement pictures and our wedding, and the moments in time they captured were tender and sweet but also fun and energetic! Pictures are what helps you remember your favorite moments years and years after they’ve happened and we couldn’t have picked anyone more perfect to capture the best day of our lives!”


Shellby R.

“I cannot begin to describe how awesome Alex and Josie are! They took our wedding pictures, and we couldn't be happier. I happened to find them on pinterest, and I clicked on their website praying that they were based in Orlando, and my prayer was answered! Their knowledge of photography, lighting, poses, candid shots, venues, and their style immediately drew me towards them. They answered my email quickly and just when I thought I couldnt love them more they invited my fiance and I to meet in person so we could talk about their service. Throughout the engagement process they were always quick to answer any questions through email and text, and a couple of weeks before the wedding, I met with them to go over final details, photo lists and itinerary. They have so much knowledge when it comes to weddings! As a flustered bride, they were very helpful. Alex and Josie are a phenomenal team of photographers (trust me, you definitely want two photographers). Josie was the one taking the bridal pictures, and checking off the photo list, and Alex was behind the scenes taking the groom pictures and the most candid shots of the wedding. They made us laugh the entire night as they met our every need and request. We love how beautifully our wedding day was captured to the last detail. They also delivered super fast! I was in shock! I will most definitely and always recommend Fox and Film to friends and family.”


Victoria M.

“Fox and Film have been amazing from the very first contact over email all the way to receiving our wedding photos. Alex and Josie’s amazing customer service is what hooked us at the beginning to work with them and the idea of having a photographer for both of us was ideal. Their picture quality and artistic eye for capturing the little moments of our wedding really shows in all of our photographs. Alex and Josie both care about their clients and made us feel extra special when they went out of their way to meet us for breakfast before our wedding. We love their personalities and the way they complement each other so well during our session, it made our shoot flow smoothly and comfortably. During our private session they were constantly making us laugh. Our joy from our wedding day is written all over our faces for us to remember forever, we could not imagine having anyone else to capture our wedding day.”


Chelsea P.

“I can't imagine having worked with a better photography team- I'm not exaggerating either. We had no idea if we were going to look natural in front of the camera. My husband was especially nervous about it since he's not a big photo-person normally. Once we met Josie and Alex we never even remembered that we had once been hesitant! She was great at directing us without anything looking forced. Both our engagement and wedding photos are so dreamy. I feel like i can completely relive my entire wedding as I look back through my wedding album. And the video was absolutely beautiful as well- Alex is superb! They both have an eye for this trade that is well beyond their years. We still think that they are the best thing we spent money on for the entire affair. We just love them!”


Jennifer K.

“We chose Fox and Film because their portfolio was beautiful and filled with natural, candid photos with such rich color. And boy, are we so glad they were able to shoot our wedding! Josie and Alex are incredibly sweet, friendly, and organized. They are only several years in to their business, but they run it like seasoned professionals. We love, LOVE, how our photos turned out and highly Fox and Film for your photography needs. Thank you so much again!”


Zayda W.

“My husband and I chose Fox & Film to do our engagement shoot along with our wedding, SO many decisions go into planning a wedding but the best one we made in that entire process was having Josie and Alex shoot our wedding! They make you feel completely at ease and like yourself, which can be a deceivingly hard task on your wedding day! The kept the photos right on track for our day timeline, we received our photos very quickly and most importantly they delivered stunning images of our wedding day. Josie & Alex also happen to be really ridiculously in love, which helps you and your spouse be "lovely & cuddly" on camera (which can be very pretty hard if you're me) Choosing Fox & Film to tell your own little love story will be a decision you can always look back on and be proud of.”


Cheslea O.

“All I can say is how overly pleased and excited I was not just with the photography but by being able to work with such a kind, couple that looked for the interests of not just us but also of our families and pictures they thought would be important. Josie and Alex are two of the sweetest people who made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I am very shy to have my picture taken which was one of my main concerns when it came to our wedding and engagement session but from the very first picture that was snapped they made me feel so comfortable. I want to print every single picture that they took I love them so much. Even when certain situations could’ve become irritating to them during the wedding they were very professional and considerate. I would recommend them to everyone and anyone I know, knowing they would be in good hands and taken care of. I wish I could give 10/5 stars!”


Nicole I.

“To start off, when Danny and I planned to use Fox & Film it was all reliant on their aesthetic work. Through social media we fell in love with the style they had portrayed and we knew right away that’s who would capture our wedding day as if it was a dream. From the beginning of being in contact with them they were always easy to communicate with being both supportive and understanding of anything and everything we requested, had concerns about, and most importantly gave advice on what would work best for our wedding day as they both work with weddings for a living. Concerning our wedding day, both Josie and Alex made it so comfortable to be photographed. In case you were wondering, They WILL go above and beyond to make your wedding day run smoothly. One of the buttons on my gown came loose and Josie came to the rescue by sewing it back on in less than 5 minutes! When it came to the reception they stayed MUCH later than planned or paid for just to assure that we would receive the most out of our wedding day and that all important moments were captured. Within 3 weeks of our wedding we received all 1,200+ photos (although the package we purchased promised 500-600 photos we literally got DOUBLE that back) in stunning awe and tears eyes with how beautiful they photographed our wedding to be. If you’re wondering who to use on your wedding day take it from me. Anyone that knows me would assure you of how picky I am but, these two made it unquestionable to choose and we couldn’t be happier or more proud of the memories we get to cherish because of Fox and Film! Thank you guys always and forever! We will always be so thankful for your talent!”




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