Sarasota Wedding at The Powel Crosley Estate | Chelsea & Chance

Chelsea and Chance’s wedding was filled with things we adore. Good light, tear-jerking moments between family, rooms filled with history, and a couple who is madly in love with each other as well as literary references. I found it difficult to decide just which details to focus on with this post, because there were so many wonderful moments, hence another crazy long wedding blog post.

First, I want to highlight just how amazing wedding mornings are. They go by in such a flurry of motion and action that it’s hard to even remember the “getting ready” stuff. There’s a mix of tension and excitement as everyone flutters around the room in their gowns, finding earrings and lipgloss and fixing their bouquets. Chelsea was able to have plenty of time to spend with her closest friends that morning, while her sister Erin helped style her hair.

Chelsea handed me a little envelope shaped book with a little poem tucked neatly inside for Chance. I made my way up the stairs and handed it to him, and he had the most tender expression as he read it. Once Chelsea finished getting ready, her mother Halli and I went to the room where her dress was waiting in the window. As Halli buttoned the last few buttons, she took a few steps back and just kind of took everything in. I’ve witnessed this moment countless times now, but for some reason none of them have ever felt this way to me. It was almost surreal, like I could see her flashing back through a lifetime of moments shared with her daughter in just five seconds. For a very brief moment I understood what all parents must feel on their child’s wedding day, and I think I’ll always feel differently about these moments thanks to her.

I could see the excitement on Chelsea’s face as we made our way to the first look spot where Chance was. She opened the grand doors from inside the estate, and as their eyes met, you could easily tell how crazy they are for each other. They both were so calm and content, just taking in the fact that in less than an hour, they’d be finally married.  With the portraits, I knew ahead of time that we wanted to channel the same vibe the house gives off, which looks like it’s straight out of a BBC series. Chelsea and Chance were down for anything I suggested, so we could get a bunch of portraits that I don’t usually try with couples. Here is their wedding day.