Ocala Wedding at Wild Acres Villa | Eli & Olivia

My best friend got married! Olivia and Eli chose to get ready in the same house, and I think it added to the intimate feeling of the first look. A friend of ours took most of the photos during the morning & ceremony, but I was able to take a few photos in between getting ready with the girls. Eli & Olivia are very much old souls, and I think that shows in a lot of their portraits. They aren't traditionally "smile for the camera" people, so most of their photos reminded me of old 1800's portraits. The ceremony and reception were held at Doe Lake Campground. We watched the sun go down over the lake as friends and family celebrated together over live music and Greek food. It was a perfect night, and Alex and I were so happy to be a part of it. Here's how Olivia felt after receiving her photos from us! 

I have been close friends with Josie for about 2 years now, so I can truly testify to all the hard work, time, passion and pride that goes into her photos. No one album is alike or standard in her eyes. And she loves making each gallery artistic and personalized to her client. I have always been interested in artistic photography and abstract arts and I wanted my photos to reflect that. So when I first met Josie almost 2 years ago, I knew her and Alex would be the ones to do our photos when the time came, because of her creative and artistic eye. And I can truly say that they made that dream a reality and made my ideas come to life. They’ve done everything with us from climbing rocky beaches to using smoke bombs on canoes. But what is most important, was that despite being close friends, this did not diminish their professionalism on the day of my wedding. They were very punctual, sticking closely to the timeline she created for us, and helped us smoothly go through the day and capture all the photos we wanted. She worked very well with guests and relatives, directing them for group photos in a organized and swift manner. But if you’re looking for quality, passionate, dedicated photographers, with a trained eye, you’ve come to the right place. As many photographer friends as I have, Fox and Film will always be the first ones I recommend to anyone who is getting married.
— Olivia and Eli