Ocala Wedding at Doe Lake Campground | Jon & Kiara

928 days.

That was our countdown. 

928 days of just pure hope and dreams of our future together.”

It’s hard to believe that nearly one full year ago, Jonathan and Kiara invited me to photograph their perfectly styled woodland wedding at Doe Lake. I had only photographed 3 weddings before this one, and I was beyond thrilled when Kiara contacted me through Instagram. While I admired all of the delicate details that Kiara so diligently put together, I couldn’t help but notice a wall filled with sweet framed memories of the couple. As I studied each frame, I saw how both Jonathan and Kiara grew into their love for one another. I recently asked Kiara if I could get a little insight on their love story, here’s an excerpt from what she shared with us:

We were a long distance relationship with other hardships piled on, but we had a strong hold on our love. While I lived in Panamá, Jonathan lived in Orlando. We would go almost a year at a time without seeing each other, if my wifi went out it would go out for months, and that meant $10 a day in calling cards that only lasted for 10 minutes. While both of our lives were basically falling apart around us, due to sad circumstances, the one thing we held on to and kept us going was our love for each other.One thing that was extremely important to us was the photos we had of each other. Before I moved away we had a few photos together, and after I moved we would stare at them for hours, and talk about how spoiled we were to have been able to be together and take those photos. We used to dream about when we would see each other again and all the photos we would take together, we would even try and photoshop ourselves together just to imagineWhen Jonathan would finally be able to visit we took so many photos and when he would leave that would be what kept me going, seeing how happy we were in those photos reminded me that in the end the distance would totally be worth it. And it was. I finally moved back after 928 days, and about 8 months after that was our ultimate dream day, our wedding. It was the most unbelievable thing to marry the person you knew you would never give up on. The photos from our relationship cannot compare to the ones from our wedding day, they are the dream photos, the confirmation to our hopes and tears. So thank you to the Fox & Film team for being there on our special day and providing us with those special photographs we will look back on and always treasure.”