Boho Wedding at Panama City Country Club | Zayda & Collin

Zayda and Collin are the perfect match for one another and I honestly can’t say that enough. They share the same humor, the same likes and dislikes, same style, same brainwaves, everything. It makes sense that they could make things work so well over long distance with him living in Minnesota and her living in Panama City. They’re both super kind too, and they even helped us find a place to stay with some of their friends. Most people wouldn’t go out of their way to take care of their photographers like that, but these two did. Also, Zayda has the most supreme weird boho glam style that I’m completely in love with, and it just so happens that their wedding landed not only on Earth Day, but on Lisa Frank’s birthday (a muse of sorts for Zayda). With jewel toned bridesmaids dresses, floral ties for the gents, and cattle skulls for the centerpieces, we were in wedding heaven. I LOVE it when couples march to the beat of their own drum and get super creative with the style of their wedding. Just as a heads up, this post will have more photos than usual because I just love every single one of them and can’t seem to narrow them down.