Cozy Autumn Doe Lake Campground Wedding | Shellby & Ney


Even though we’ve worked at Doe Lake Campground a few times, I’m still able to find something new and refreshing that I can appreciate about it. Prior to the wedding, Shellby reassured me that she fully trusted our vision and technique. She kept saying that she wanted the wedding photos to reflect a simple yet editorial look. I think she hit the nail on the head from her carefully curated table decor to her custom made wedding gown. Shellby and Ney are absolute sweethearts (they literally checked on us 5 times during THEIR wedding day to make sure that we, the vendors, were drinking enough water and getting dinner). They complement each other so beautifully since they handle each other with tenderness and respect. <3 Here are my favorite photos that highlight their love story perfectly.

Here’s how Shellby felt: “I cannot begin to describe how awesome Alex and Josie are! They took our wedding pictures, and we couldn't be happier. I happened to find them on pinterest, and I clicked on their website praying that they were based in Orlando, and my prayer was answered! Their knowledge of photography, lighting, poses, candid shots, venues, and their style immediately drew me towards them. They answered my email quickly and just when I thought I couldnt love them more they invited my fiance and I to meet in person so we could talk about their service. Throughout the engagement process they were always quick to answer any questions through email and text, and a couple of weeks before the wedding, I met with them to go over final details, photo lists and itinerary. They have so much knowledge when it comes to weddings! As a flustered bride, they were very helpful. Alex and Josie are a phenomenal team of photographers (trust me, you definitely want two photographers). Josie was the one taking the bridal pictures, and checking off the photo list, and Alex was behind the scenes taking the groom pictures and the most candid shots of the wedding. They made us laugh the entire night as they met our every need and request. We love how beautifully our wedding day was captured to the last detail. They also delivered super fast! I was in shock! I will most definitely and always recommend Fox and Film to friends and family. Thank you Alex and Josie! You guys rock!”