Do you travel?

Absolutely! We love to travel! We've been all over the country with this photography thing. Our bags aren't always packed, but it doesn't take too long 😉.

What's youR delivery time like?

It really just depends. In slower seasons it could be 4-6 weeks for a wedding gallery, but if we're a little busier it might be more like 6-8 weeks. That might seem like a long time (and well, it is), but it's necessary. We like to cradle each and every one of your photos in the warm embrace of our editing process. That takes some time. We can't rush the embrace 🤗.

How do we book our wedding?

Well when you're ready to secure your date, there is a $1000 flat-fee retainer (no matter which package you decide to go with). If it hasn't been paid, you haven't booked us. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your Wedding. We accept all major credit cards, and some obscure ones too 🤓.

Can we print our own photos?

Most definitely. Every contract includes the personal printing rights of your photos with no sneaky, secret hidden fees, because that's messed up. You can also print straight from your online gallery, if you feel so inclined.

How are my photos

Carrier Pigeons. Or digitally through a custom online gallery, whichever you prefer.


Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! No professional should be caught dead without it. If you or your venue need proof, just say da word.