Eden Gardens Engagement | Panama City Beach, Florida | Zayda and Collin

Who doesn’t love the beach? The repetitive crashing of waves, the salty air, and cold sand between your toes. Little beach towns full of eclectic tourist shops and restaurants. Well recently Josie and I had a great little vacation in Panama City Beach where we got to experience a bit of that. Although vacation wasn’t the primary reason for our five and a half hour drive from Orlando, Zayda and Collin made it feel like it was.

We can’t thank Zayda and Collin enough for their amazing hospitality! Ours jaws dropped the first time we stepped through the door to the beachfront condo they prepared for us. More than just a beautiful vacation though, we were able to make some genuine friends in our small time spent in Panama City

We arrived on Friday night and after a quick walk on the beach we were welcomed with an invitation to the couple’s engagement party. The next day we spent the whole day with Zayda and Collin making some beautiful imagery! We started off at Camp Helen State Park at midday. Harsh midday sun of course isn’t conventionally the best light for photography, but it’s what really made these photos so special. Camp Helen is a short walk from a secluded beach with a stunning abandoned pier, if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a stop.

As the sun was starting to set we rushed to our final destination, Eden Gardens State Park. Zayda and Collin made a quick wardrobe change and we literally ran to the inlet to catch the last rays of light. Along the way we had to dodge the attendees of an ongoing wedding in the park and rush to finish our pictures in the same spot the bride and groom apparently planned to take their pictures. All in all it was an awesome day, we finished our day at a small coffee shop off 30A and Josie got an absolutely stunning picture of Zayda’s beautiful engagement ring.

Zayda and Collin’s story of how they met and fell in love was one of the more unique ones we’ve heard, and their style and genuine love for each other really show in the engagement photographs we were able to capture. We look forward to seeing them again on their wedding day in April and hopefully many times after that!