Group Photos

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There's 3 main types of group photos you'll have at your wedding; 1.) Formal portraits (the ones where family and/or bridal party line up around you and say cheese), 2.) the ~amazing~ (and sometimes hilarious) candids that you love, and 3.) those last minute "can I get a photo with my cousins from Jersey?" reception group photos. Here's the best way to get all 3 types.

Keep the formal photos to a minimum

Overall, you'll end up wanting more candid photos of your guests and family having a great time. Taking a full 45 minutes out of your wedding day to just stand and smile at the camera is going to get exhausting. So that being said, limit family formals to immediate family only and limit it to 10 combinations. In case you feel like you're skipping photos with your aunts, uncles, and cousins - have no fear! We still have plenty of time for more organized group photos during the reception. Here is what an ideal family formal shot list would look like.

  • Bride + groom + bride’s parents
  • Bride + groom + bride’s parents + bride’s siblings
  • Bride + groom + bride’s parents + bride’s grandparents
  • Bride + groom + both sets of parents
  • Bride + groom + groom’s parents
  • Bride + groom + groom’s parents + groom’s siblings
  • Bride + groom + groom’s parents + groom’s grandparents

Let the family know

This is the one point in the day that I really need your family members to pay attention to our direction. So let them know ahead of time when & where we'll be taking photos. Then, on the day of, pick a trusted but bossy family member to gather everyone during portrait time. 

Spend time with them during the reception!

This is pretty simple but, if you want those sweet candids of when sharing a drink with your dad during the reception, then go a share a drink with your dad. If you want a bunch of candids on the dancefloor with your siblings, go dance with your siblings. We are like photo ninjas, so we'll capture the moments and you won't even notice us. Just do your part by spending time with your friends and family, and we'll take care of the rest.